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Armenia is known for its mountainous terrain, ancient cultural heritage, gorgeous old monasteries, cognac, delicious barbeque, fresh fruit, and to some - the Kardashians. The people of Armenia have a strong sense of pride - a pride that can only be reminded of with the smell of fresh Armenian Air. There’s no better gift to give to friends and family overseas than pur can of fresh Armenian Air. With air that is world renowned, we make sure that your can is fresh, it's light, and but best of all: full of joy. Spread the joy and the pride of Armenia with our can of Armenian Air.

What our air is made of

  • Air of Yerevan 20%
  • Mountain Air 25%
  • Lake Sevan Vapor 10%
  • Armenian Hospitality 35%
  • Smell of Lavash 5%
  • Neighbours BBQ 5%
  • (customization available)


Armenian Air is EVERYWHERE

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We collect only the freshest and cleanest air from most popular parts of Armenia.



The cold fresh morning Air of Karabakh carefully collected and sealed for you in a can.



Have special needs? No problem! Just tell us what air you want in the can, and we'll get it for you!

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Awesome gift idea :)

This was probably the best souvenier I took back with me from Armenia. I was very surprised to see this can of air at the airport gift shop at first, but after looking at it closely and reading the description on the can, I couldn't stop laughing and ended up getting 5 cans for my friends. They surely enjoyed the gift and were also as surprised and happy to find out about Armenian air in a can. Trully great idea and awesome product. Thank you!

Armen A.


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